The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
                          Computation Center

                          News bulletin #265
o Support during Pesach vacation:

 [ Hebrew version: ]

 Our computing systems and servers will continue to operate.   We  will
 monitor and maintain the more critical services, such as:

 * Central mail servers
 * Campus communication
 * Connection from home

 Emergency support services will  operate  during  the  vacation,  Tel:
 02-6585555, according to the following schedule:

 Sunday 17/4 09:00-15:00
 Wednesday 20/4 09:00-14:00
 Thursday 21/4 09:00-14:00
 Sunday 24/4 09:00-14:00

 Power outage are expected  in  Ein-Kerem  and  Mount  Scopus  campuses
 during  Hol  Hamo'ed.   For  detailed  information you may contact the
&n bsp;Division for Construction and Infrastructure (ABAT).

 We recommend that you disconnect computing equipment  from  the  power
 outlets to prevent damage.